Daily Archive: February 15, 2018


Readings in Mass communication

By: Radha Publications about the book, INN, @infodeaofficial, Delhi; Readings in mass communication  aims  to provide introduction to the subject of media and introduce some important aspects of mass media.  Print media, Electronic media, Advertising, PR...


Journalism as a career

By; Manan Chopra, INN, @infodeaofficial, Delhi, Democracy is the fiber on which the constitution and framework of politics exists in India. Media is termed as the fourth pillar of democracy preceded by Judiciary, Executive and Legislature, whose amalgamation...


Indians- Stuck between Romance and Family

“Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?”- A quote to which all the “Before Trilogy” fans would relate here. By: Meghna Khanna @Khanna_meghna10, INN, New Delhi ; NO, this...