About Us

At The Infodea, we bring together committed professionals from various branches of journalism (print, electronic & web), education, IT and entertainment industries, with over 10 years of combined experience in Graphic, Media and Content Design to construct tailor-made content.

At The Infodea, our prime asset is a team of knowledgeable professionals, who work right from ideation to conception to produce a knowledge-empowering content. As a corporate based on creativity and innovation, we aim to throw in something more, that little extra, which elevates content from the merely good, to fully realized content that changes the rules of the contest and reaches the people at an emotional level.

We endeavour to practice something unique, something different every day to help youngsters  achieve their targets.
Brimming with energy and inspiration, Infodea is ready for a run to be a leading media company in the Indian media domain.


Orko Mukherjee


Brand is a promise. A promise of specific benefits & values. A promise that is meaningful and relevant to the user as well as this promise which needs to be different from all our competitors.


Vivek Prasad

Content Head

“Getting into the heart of the issue is my passion and reading between the lines is my habit.”


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