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Show over, thousands watch military might

Many get to see the naval supremacy of India By; SVS, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial: For T Kesavan, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student with a popular engineering college based in the outskirts of this main city it...


Surgical Strike to unveil reality on the screen

By; Manan Chopra, INN, New Delhi, @infodeaofficial Madras Café, Holiday, Lakshya and many more efforts have been made by Bollywood industry to divulge the harsh realities of War and its footprints. In recent past, movies have...


Here is a fans club for Indian Army

They are for honouring our soldiers By; SVS, @svs037, Chennai; It is common to hear about fans club for cine heroes or film heroines, but one rarely comes across a club that admires our heroic soldiers...