Daily Archive: May 15, 2019


Change In The Venue

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial¬†   The venue for organising the army recruitment rally from 7 to 17 June has been changed due to administrative reasons. According to a press release from Defence Ministry, the...


Kolkata gets Navy’s SSB

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial Kolkata was the talk of the town recently, thanks to Indian Navy. Navy’s Services Selection Board (SSB) was inaugurated in the city by Admiral Sunil Lanba, chief of naval staff...


Jaisalmer Is Ready For The Competition

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial Jaisalmer in Rajasthan will be the talk of the town soon, thanks to international army scout masters competition. That is where armies from abroad and our own army will be...


Sevalaya, Fiat Chrysler lend a helping hand

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial One can never forget the unprecedented rains that battered the southern Indian state Kerala. But as saying goes where there is trouble…there should be someone to lend a helping hand.’...


Major setback to troublemakers

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial India is always safe, thanks to ever-vigilant security forces. This point was proved beyond doubt once again when the Indian Army and J and K (Jammu and Kashmir) police foiled...

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