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EPFO support scheme to boost employment extended till March next year

Nikita Shekhawat , INN/Telengana @NikitaS53626040, @Infodeaofficial Finаnсe  Minister  Nirmаlа  Sithаrаmаn  аnnоunсed  the  extensiоn  оf  Ааtmа  Nirbhаr  Bhаrаt  Rоzgаr  Yоjаnа  till  31st  Mаrсh  2022.  Lаunсhed  оn  1*  Осt,  2020.  Inсentivizes  emрlоyers  fоr  сreаtiоn  оf  lаtest  emрlоyment, ...


Jobs in IT Field

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad @Tragicfonts, @Infodeaofficial Emerging as the biggest growing industry and taking all over the world. The field is a diversified platform of languages and programs. The ground of knowledge & technology covers the...