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adverse impact of lockdown on Hotel industry

Yash Sapra, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial Lockdown has indeed created a disastrous effect on the aviation and hotel industries resulting in which they are seeking the government’s help. If we look ahead the hotels will have to...


NGO Sevalaya distributes relief worth Rs 2 crore

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial July 6:The times are indeed tough now, however they have not stopped the well-known service organization Sevalaya from achieving what it wants. Amidst when there is a difficulty due to COVID-19 situation and...


Female Foeticide

Yash Sapra, INN,Gwalior, @infodeaofficial Although our country went through the British rule for a long period, this doesn’t mean that if we were getting ruled by a forward and a broad-minded country so the so...