Tannu Sehrawat,INN/New Delhi, @Infodeaofficial

COVID-19 has badly affected the education system. It has brought the whole world to its knees. Due to COVID-19, states have shut schools, colleges, and other coaching centers from March onward. Schools chose the alternative to conduct online classes.

But all students are not able to take online classes because of poor internet connection and making it more difficult for the students of not so rich background, who cannot afford the money of buying data packs.

The pandemic has definitely reshaped the Indian education system. In India, only 2/3 of the total population have access to internet service. So, this is has turned out to be a major problem for those who cannot afford such luxurious service.

In India and other third world countries, the quality of digital technology is poor. Internet connectivity in regions like Jammu and Kashmir, where people have access to only  2G networks. In such places, schools are shut and students are stuck at home.

Elite Institutions like IITs and IIMs have all closed their campuses and have opted for online classes. As of now, all the government exams have also been suspended.

The pandemic has disrupted the whole education system. Coronavirus widespread has forced school management to look to digital learning. Now there is no separation between home time and school time .

After the schools and colleges have been shut, every household has become a school and every parent is now a mentor. There are no longer separate classrooms and bedrooms.

Schools and other institutions are conducting few online classes over video apps.

This is a crucial time for the education sector—board examinations, nursery school admissions, entrance tests of various universities and competitive examinations, among others, are all held during this period. 

This situation will have a big impact on the overall education system. As directed by the government, final year students have to mandatorily appear for exams, but the network connectivity is making the students suffer.

The government announced to take Open Book Examination but students opposed it because some students have no Internet facilities and the other problem is that, they have left their study materials back at their PGs.

As the days pass by with no immediate solution to stop the outbreak of COVID-19, school and university closures will not only have a short-term impact on the continuity of learning for more than million young learners in India but also endanger far-reaching economic and societal consequences.

By Editor