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Betterment is becoming a buzzword in Indian Railways, this is evident in their latest measure. The government transporter is putting in place integrated helpline ‘139’ from 1 January this year.

Various other helplines namely 138 (for general complaints) 1800111321  (for catering services) 1072 (for accidents and safety) 152210 (for Vigilance) 58888/138 (for Clean my coach) and 9717630982 (for SMS complaints) will be discontinued and Integrated Railway helpline 139 will take over all existing helpline numbers.

So, from 1 January this year Railway helpline numbers 139 and 182 only will function along with Rail Madad, the Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Indian Railway which is in operation from 15 July last year.

The mobile app Rail Madad (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During travel) is designed to expedite and streamline passenger grievance redressal.

Rail Madad is part of the Railway Passenger Grievance Redressal and Management System (RPGRAMS) of Indian Railways.

The app registers a complaint with minimum inputs from passenger. And issues a unique ID instantly and relays the complaint online to relevant field officials for immediate action. 

The  action taken on complaint is also relayed to passenger through SMS, thus fast tracking the entire process of redressal of complaints through digitisation.

The app also displays security helpline number and provides direct calling facility for immediate assistance in one easy step. All modes of filing complaints including offline and online modes are being integrated on a single platform, therefore the resultant management reports present a holistic picture of deficient areas and enable focused corrective action by officials concerned.

The data analysis would also generate trends on various performance parameters of a selected train or station like cleanliness, amenities and makes managerial decision more precise and effective. Hierarchy based dashboard/reports will be available for management at division, zonal, Railway Board level and sent through auto email to every concerned officer weekly. The app is available on Android platform and can be downloaded from google play store.

Southern Railway passengers can call the customer care number 044 – 25351621 with regards to issues on ‘UTS ON MOBILE,’ app. The app can be used to book tickets for travelling in local trains through mobile phones. 

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