Good things are in store for us in New Year 

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New Year is expected to be better than the previous year. All of us enthusiastically welcome the new year with only the hope that good things are in store for us.

The previous year offered us some cheer, but on the whole, there was very little to be happy about during 2020. As the new year is welcome, it is only natural for people to be curious about how it would be for all of us.

New Year
Mahesh Varma

The Infodea spoke to well-known astrologer Mahesh Varma to know what is in store for the 12 zodiac signs in the new year.

Mesh Rasi
Rahu in the second house Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house will make them work hard with less results during the new year.

Individuals of this zodiac sign should be careful with the subordinates and the bosses wherever they work. They have to be careful as their work will not be yielding desired results which may not make the bosses happy.

The health of the mother also deserves attention, provide good care to ensure things remain on the health front.

Vrishabh Rasi
Jupiter and Saturn favour this year will get name and fame during the new year for individuals of this zodiac sign. 
However, the presence of Rahu may create some confusion.

The business will be good and important work should be finished before July. People of this rashi need to exert caution with regards to financial matters to avoid misguidance by close friends.

Mithun Rashi
Saturn and Jupiter in the 8th house create problems in financial affairs. Natives of this zodiac may have to take an unwanted journey. Also, care on the health front is the need for individuals of this rasi. The business may witness some loss in April to June this year and this may lead to mental tension.  

Simha Rasi
Jupiter and Saturn are positioned in the 6th house and this will be good in all business in the new year. However, unnecessary involvement in public life will disturb the peace and make the individuals of this rasi accountable for wrongs they have not done with regards to their family or friends.

Kark Rashi
Jupiter and Saturn are in the 7th house and this will give popularity. However, one needs to be careful with regards to the relationship with their partners.

Relations with life partner also needs to be taken care of. Natives of this zodiac have to be careful about their health as they are likely to develop stomach related

Kanya Rashi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 5th house during the new year will give satisfaction in life. Desires will be fulfilled in the new year.

A few individuals are likely to enter into a wedlock with the blessings of the supreme divine. The education of children will also be good during the new year.

Tula Rasi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 4th house will make natives of this rasi to work hard. Changes in the field of work or work pattern or offices cannot be ruled out. Troubles with workers will also lead to some disturbance. Students have to work hard to get the desired results.

Makar Rasi
Jupiter with Saturn in Rasi will not motivate the natives of this zodiac to start a new business.  However, they can carry on with their regular business and will get financial help for it regularly.

Fear of losing the position may prompt to change the office of one’s business. Individuals of this zodiac may develop stomach complications and even shift their residence to a new location.

Dhanush Rasi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 2nd house will give name and fame. Saturn who is in the last phase of Sade Sati (Seven-and-half-years) may compel to travel unwantedly or health may be on the downside. Involvement in family affairs can lead to misunderstandings.

Vrishick Rasi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 3rd house in the new year will give the courage to move ahead. Thinking well before speaking is the advice.

Indulging in unnecessary conversations may spoil relationships. Family members may help in case of need, however lack of contribution from the one’s side may lead to suspicion among them.

Meena Rashi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 11th house in the new year will give money in business. Things will be more fruitful as good people will be involved on all fronts.

A few individuals may also get employed abroad. People in the business of imports and exports will reap good results. Issues of children will be solved and students will also have a nice time.

Kumbh Rashi
Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th house during the new year will lead to expenditures. Change in the office or residence is also foreseen.

On the work front, natives of the zodiac may confront problems from workers. Stomach related complications or other medical issues can lead to considerable expenditure. Natives have to spend money on repairing ACs in their cars and electronic gadgets in their homes or offices.

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