Infodea reach out to workers, employers and officials to ensure safe return of trapped Indians

By Abrar Sultana, @abrarsultana; INN, Chennai;

A dreadful situation of Indian workers from Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other states came into limelight when a vernacular media reported on how these workers are being tormented in Muscat, Oman.The workers who in anticipation to get better job opportunities and pays promised by job agents, are now unable to return to their nation despite holding flight tickets and all necessary documents. Their passports are seized by Al Ramooz, the Muscat based company where these workers are employed.

Months have passed but there seems to be no action from the authorities concerned on this serious issue that is plaguing the entire scenario. Around 20 workers from Rajasthan and 7 from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are stuck in the loop, looking out ways to return to their families.

It all started when the workers were forced into doing menial jobs which was totally contrary to what was promised to them by the agents. They are made to work for long hours with no compensation or any sort of assistance. Despite working for a period of six months, they were paid remuneration for only two months. The workers were further tortured and deprived of the basic need as food, when opposed and questioned about their rights.

The Indian Embassy officials, when approached and shared details on the issue, initially reached out to the company and probed for immediate action towards the workers safe return to India. As per a media report, further action will be initiated soon where the embassy will figure out ways to provide aid to the workers. Two agents who were involved in this plotting were also exposed with the help of the embassy.

However, there seems to be a lacuna from the embassy in solving the issue. When Infodea tried reaching them through calls/email, they were skeptical and did not return to any of the queries. One question that arises looking at the present scenario is about the indolent attitude of the officials and the embassy. An issue that needs immediate attention and focus is being kept aside. What does this convey to the citizens who hold their strong trust on their government?

When Infodea tried to reach the company, it resorted to other ways of torture, putting the workers in different camps to make them unreachable for help. Deprived of money, the Indian workers are struggling to feed themselves and starving for days now.

It’s high time that Indian officials take appropriate action towards this concern and take stringent action against the perpetrators and ensure that there is no further delay in helping the workers reach homeland safely.

The officials from Mr. P. P Chaudhry, Union State Minister’s office assured to take immediate action in resolving this issue and deliver justice to the workers. The department will work towards this dispute and most importantly, stern action needs to be taken to deter such fraudulent practices in the future.

By Editor