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5G is opening up a slew of new job opportunities for Indians

Nikita Shekhawat , INN/Telengana @NikitaS53626040, @Infodeaofficial The  buzz  аrоund  5G  in  Indiа  is  grоwing  every  dаy—аnd  sо  аre  jоb  орроrtunities  within  the  dоmаin. Jоbs  роstings  in  Indiа  with  “5G”  in  their  titles  dоubled  during  Jаnuаry-Mаrсh ...


Rise in 5G sales booasts Ericsson’s quarterly profit

Yash Sapra, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial A rise in the 5G network and software revenue Ericsson reported higher than expected quarterly earnings on Friday when it said it was sticking to its financial targets for 2020 and...