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Social media is here to stay

By S. Ganesh, @infodeaofficial; In a highly technologically advanced world with internet penetrating into nook and corner of the world soocial media has assumed great importance with the youth driving this force in a larger...


Savouring Sausages may not be Safe!

CASH survey finds shocking amounts of salt in popular branded products in UK By: INN, Bangalore (with inputs from CASH, London), @infodeaofficial; Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH), an organization based at Queen Mary...


Village markets set to come back

By Vivek Prasad, INN, Kerla, @infodeaofficial;  The weekly village markets, a familiar scene in the good old days in Kerala and other states, which shut shop long back, will once again resume functioning in the...


Time to fix the agriculture scenario

by  Vivek Prasad For the past many decades, India has been trying hard to fix the crisis facing her agricultural sector but with negligible results. Many of the solutions proposed by experts to address the...

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