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Modi opens Asia’s largest power plant in Rewa

Yash Sapra, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial As we all know that India is slowly on the ledge of becoming a developed country. There are many projects which are going on and being planned for the coming future...


Industries stand with CSIR in fighting COVID-19

INN/New Delhi, @Infodeaofficial The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has adopted a five-tier strategy to fight COVID-19, which is also getting wide support from the industry to implement it. This information was provided...


No to violence on women, children

S Vishnu Sharma,  INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial Tower Park at Anna Nagar in Chennai became an important spot the other day as message of high relevance was delivered there. ‘Say no to violence against women and children,’...