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Sports should develop in every State

By- Faisal Maqbool, INN/J&K, @Infodeaofficial Sports in current times need players of great strength to overcome the physical and mental fatigue. Training sessions, nutritious diet and abstaining from drugs and alcohol are prerequisites. With the latest trends, youth...


From a Villain to an Army man

By: Meghna Khanna @Khanna_meghna10, INN, New Delhi; Earlier acted as the villain in the film ‘Fauji’, the Indian film actor and producer Ranjha Vikram Singh is ready to make a mark playing the role of a...


Journalism as a career

By; Manan Chopra, INN, @infodeaofficial, Delhi, Democracy is the fiber on which the constitution and framework of politics exists in India. Media is termed as the fourth pillar of democracy preceded by Judiciary, Executive and Legislature, whose amalgamation...