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What Navy, NCC Did For Gaja

Men in uniform respond during the time of crisis S Vishnu Sharma INN/Chennai @infodeaofficial The month of November this year did not go well for Tamilnadu as the cyclone Gaja did strike it. Fortunately, things...


Village markets set to come back

By Vivek Prasad, INN, Kerla, @infodeaofficial;  The weekly village markets, a familiar scene in the good old days in Kerala and other states, which shut shop long back, will once again resume functioning in the...


Tamil Nadu’s twin woes: power and water

by SVS In power-starved Tamil Nadu, a look at the arithmetic reveals the actual situation. The state needs around 11,500 MW, but is able to generate only around 7,500 MW. To address the shortfall, authorities...

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