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Honoring the nation’s armed forces

INN/Chennai,@infodeaofficial What are the nation’s armed forces doing? They do everything to ensure this nation never comes in the harm’s way. There are festivals, special occasions that honour them for the services they do.  The...


The mindless debate over metro railways

INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial, @sunitanar What is at stake is a discussion on what it would take to make the public transport system of our cities truly the one that moves people, not vehicles. But who...


CSE push authorities to meet CCACP deadline

Severe contamination and emission from brick factories and thermal power plants are showing little or no signs of improvement By- INN/Kolkata, @Infodeaofficial Delhi’s air is unsafe for it to breathe and the condition is getting...


Delhi to give ‘free sanitary napkins’ in schools

By Manan Chopra, INN, @infodeaofficial, New Delhi; As the film ‘Padman’ taught us about the importance of ‘sanitary pads’ in India and the lack of awareness we have in our country, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation...


What needs to be reformed?

The capital continues to exhibit rapist atmosphere By: Sandhya Chauhan, @sandhya_ocea, INN, Gwalior; Being born as a female in this country of seamless silver in its culture and values is like standing on the edge of a...


Students celebrate fashion show at New Delhi

By INN, Kolkata, @infodeaofficial;  International Women Polytechnic (IWP) celebrated its annual festival “Melange-The Blend of Art 2017” at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. Anushtha from Jankpuri Centre was the winner of the title followed by...

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