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It is twin battle in Tamilnadu

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial Election scenario has picked up heat across India and Tamilnadu is no exception. It is not only parliamentary election that will be held this time, bypolls for 18 assembly constituencies...


There’s no existence without women power

By Meghna Khanna, It’s been 70 years since India got freedom and became independent and democratic state which gives its citizens a list of rights and freedoms with the set of duties to be followed in...


Move aside engineering and medicine

INN(Infodea News Network), @infodeaofficial; Of late medical and engineering are not the only prospects which guarantee a career growth and a high salary. There are many avenues available, irrespective of their academic score, both in...


NCC special entry for Women Cadets

INN, @infodeaofficial;             Advertisement for NCC special entry scheme for flying branch will be released for men and women in employment news on 20 May 2017. According to an official press release...

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