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Focusing on education, accessibility of it to all

SRM (AP) VC takes part in global conference S. Vishnu Sharma, INN/Chennai, @svs037  Global education is not a catchword anymore. It is the new reality for education in the coming decades. The global University is...


Strength And Smile Keeps Dora Moving

By – Sonia Devi, INN/ Shillong, @infodeaofficial There are many people in this world who dream of living a lavish life. A life with food, shelter, clothes and all possible propensities that a human being wishes. But...


Journalism as a career

By; Manan Chopra, INN, @infodeaofficial, Delhi, Democracy is the fiber on which the constitution and framework of politics exists in India. Media is termed as the fourth pillar of democracy preceded by Judiciary, Executive and Legislature, whose amalgamation...

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