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Gaya OTA to go for closure?

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @Svs03 The decision to close Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Gaya in Bihar has already made news. However, there seems to have been some not so happy moments with regards to...


IR’s kind gesture, sewa trains begin their innings

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @Svs037 Indian Railways always has something for passengers everytime. This turned true once again. ‘Sewa’ passenger trains began their service across the nation after their inaguration by Union Minister for Railways,...


They did dye for Guinness

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial Premises of EVP Film City boomeranged with the thunderous applause of the crowd. They were there to show in their cheer and stand in support of their near and dear...


Proud of our armed forces contributions

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial While we are all proud of our armed forces’ achievements, there should be no attempts to use them for political gains, was the point driven home by Thol Thirumavalavan, president,...


The mindless debate over metro railways

INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial, @sunitanar What is at stake is a discussion on what it would take to make the public transport system of our cities truly the one that moves people, not vehicles. But who...


The 72nd Independence Day

By – INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial It was the 15th of August 1947 when India took its Liberty from the United Kingdom and since then that day was declared as the National Independence Day and it is...

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