Dharshana Kathiresan, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

Things aren’t going well for Arsenal in the continuation of the Premier League. The defeat of 2-1 at Brighton on Saturday comes just after the 3-0 defeat at Manchester City. These results have put down the momentum that Arsenal had three months back, before the postponement of the league due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Arsenal has moved to the 10th place, with Manchester United in the 5th. Now, it’s quite hard for Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League.  

The manager Mikel Arteta has also got to deal with the growing list of injuries amidst this crammed period of matches. 

One of Arsenal’s best players, Bernd Leno got added to the list after getting injured in his right knee as he was nudged by Brighton striker Neal Maupay in an aerial challenge. The empty Amex stadium echoed Leno’s yelps of pain, as he reproached Maupay while being taken away in a stretcher. 

The striker, Neal Maupay, scored the winning goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time. As he celebrated his huge victory for Brighton with his teammates, the Arsenal team players vented their anger on him. 

According to India Today, Maupay said, “Some of their players need to learn what is humility, especially one of them,” without mentioning Guendouzi by name. “He was talking all game, he was saying bad things.”

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